Cognitive Training

The Academy's cognitive development initiative users unique neuro training program to improve the cognitive brain function of all the players at the Academy. We provide each player with their own brain health playbook, a tool they can use to rewire their brain and the conceptions they have about themselves and their skills.

Through this neurofeedback, players are able to increase the absolute power of their brain. Each week, players are given an exercise to work on, a challenge to complete, and shown how that will bring about change in their cognitive abilities.

With this program, players can expect to feel and perform better than they ever have before, and are given the tools to maximize their mental capacity even after they have left the Academy.

They begin with helping the players understand the different types of brain waves and map out brain maps. Using specific, proprietary brain training techniques like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or Bio Neurofeedback as appropriate, we are able to pinpoint exactly what the most effective brain health treatment method is in order to maximize cognitive growth.

cognitive training