Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope and NFL Alumni Partnership

The NFL Alumni Academy is thrilled to announce that all physical therapy at the Academy is handled by Hands of Hope. Hands of Hope is a physical therapy practice located in New York. With many locations around the city, they strive to give the best quality of care to get people back to their normal life.


Their treatment philosophy is based heavily on manual modalities, patient education, and providing exercises tailored to improve the condition of the patients they to work with. Hands of Hope loves working with people and only use methods that ensure the best quality physical therapy care with them.


Hands of Hope is certified by the American Physical Therapy Association and is affiliated with the following medical institutions. They take pride in partnering with top medical institutes in the medical field to provide the best care and equipment for our patients. The Academy is fortunate to have their dedicated staff ensuring that our players are given the absolute best physical therapy available.